How to Create and Manage Email Templates in WHMCS

WHMCS comes with many pre-configured email templates that are sent during various events in the system. If you want an extra email template that is not among the list, you can always create yours. WHMCS gives a simple user interface to create and manage email templates.

You first need to login to WHMCS to accomplish this task.

1. Hover on “Setup” on the menu tabs at the top, and select “Email Templates

image showing how to change default country in WHMCS

2. If you are accessing “Setup” for the first time since you logged in, you might have to input your admin password for security purposes.

imageshowing how to manage email templates in WHMCS

3. Select “Create New Email Template” button.

image showing how to create email templates in WHMCS

4. Select the email type and give a unique name. Email type can be: “General“, “Product/Service“, “Domain“, “Invoice“, “Notification“.

image showing how to crate email templates in WHMCS

5. Fill other fields of the email templates eg. Name of email sender, the subject of the email and the content.

image showing how to create email templates in WHMCS

That is all that is required. You can use that template when sending emails to clients or when configuring a service that requires sending of emails.

Please Note: At the bottom of the page where you are creating the content of the email template, WHMCS has available merge fields that you can use to fetch some parameters from the system automatically. For instance if you want your email to begin with “Dear so and so”, you can have the email template written this way: “Dear {$client_name}”

image showing how to edit create email templates in WHMCS

To manage the email template, you can just click the icon next to it and edit it accordingly. For custom email templates, you can also choose to delete.

image showing how to edit email templates in WHMCS

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