How to Add New TLDs(Top-Level Domains) or ccTLDs(Country Code Top-Level Domains in WHMCS

1. Log in to WHMCS dashboard.

2. At the top bar menu, hover on “Setup” so that a submenu appears then locate “Products/Services” and hover on it too for a second submenu to appear. Locate “Domain Pricing” and click on it.

image showing how to add new cctlds or tlds in WHMCS

Below is a picture of how that page looks like.

image showing how to add new cctlds or tlds in WHMCS

Note the different fields: “TLD”, “Pricing”, “DNS Management”, “Email Forwarding”, “ID Protection”, “EPP Code”, “Auto Registration”. The “TLD” field is obviously the domain you want to add eg “.com”, the “Pricing” field is the domain pricing for registration, transfer, renewal and those prices if the client chooses one year or multiple years. You can also set different prices in different currencies if you have already added a new currency. The “DNS Management” field is available for some registrars and others not. It is usually if you want clients to create DNS Zones eg. A records, CNAME records etc, at the registrar’s level. Please note this may require the domain name of your client to be pointed to the registrar nameservers.

The “Email Forwarding” field is exactly as it says. It forwards emails to certain preconfigured email addresses. Again this is not available for every registrar. The “ID Protection” field is supported by some registrars and others do not. The “ID Protection” feature is a feature that conceals your domain WHOIS information(contact details), to prevents things such as identity theft and spamming. The “EPP Code” field is checked if you want your clients to get it directly from the client area. This “EPP code” is like a domain password, it is what you use to transfer a domain name from one registrar to another. Finally, the “Auto Registration” column is basically your registrar.

3. Navigate to the bottom of the table in that page and add your TLD and save changes.

image showing how to add new cctlds or tlds in WHMCS

4. It’s now time to configure the domain pricing. Click on the “Open Pricing” button.

image showing how to add new cctlds or tlds in WHMCS

A new browser window will popup where you will fill the domain pricing. You don’t have to fill for all the 10 years, just fill as much as you think is necessary.

image showing how to add new cctlds or tlds in WHMCS

6. Save Changes, and that is all.

More Things to Note

1. You can change the prices of a TLD’s Grace Period and Redemption Period. “Grace Period” of a domain is the duration that most TLDs enter after expiry. The Grace Period typically can be 30 days, 35 days or more( or even less) depending with the registrar, and often does not have any additional costs associated with it allowing a domain name to still be renewed at the regular rate, however, WHMCS gives you the ability to change the price that your clients will pay to renew the expired domain that is in Grace Period and also to say how long that Grace Period lasts.

The “Redemption Period” on the other hand is the period after Grace period elapses. Typically the redemption period will last for 30 days after which the domain will be open for auction. More often than not, the Redemption Period comes with extra charges for you to renew the domain. To change these prices and duration, click on the settings icon of the TLD you want to configure as shown below.

image showing how to add new cctlds or tlds in WHMCS

You will see a form that looks like below;

image showing how to add new cctlds or tlds in WHMCS

At the bottom of that page, click “Save Changes” button to store your new settings.

2. The second thing to note is that you can change the prices of “ID Protection”, “Email Forwarding” and “DNS Management”. Look at your right hand side for this section. This can be

image showing how to add new cctlds or tlds in WHMCS

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