How to Add New Domain Registrar Module in WHMCS

This article assumes that you are already logged in as an admin, if you are not, please login to WHMCS dashboard.

1. First, you need to establish whether the registrar module you want to include comes with WHMCS by default or you need to add it manually.

2. To view the registrar modules that are included in WHMCS by default, navigate to “Setup” at the top menu bar and hover on it for a drop-down submenu to appear. Locate “Products/Services” and hover on it for a second submenu to appear and select “Domain Registrars“.

how to add domain registrar in WHMCS

3. You will see a long list of registrars that come packaged in WHMCS.

how to add domain registrar in WHMCS

4. If the registrar you want to add is not among the list, you need to inquire from them whether they have a WHMCS module and if yes, how to upload it. Nevertheless, there is a common way to install that many registrars adhere to as per how WHMCS is designed. The module is installed in the “registrars” directory which is inside the “modules” directory that is found at the root of your WHMCS installation. In simple terms, this is the path: “[whmcs root directory]/modules/registrars/[your registrar module folder]“.

5. Once you have the registrar’s module files uploaded, navigate to the registrars page as in step 2 above.

6. Activate the module and select the “Configure” button to fill in the registrar settings. You can see the image below for an example of registrar settings. Please note that the settings fields defer from registrar to registrar depending on how the registrar API end points are programmed.

how to add domain registrar in WHMCS

7. Save the changes.

8. That’s all. If you choose to add new TLDs or ccTLDs you can now select the registrar you just added.

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