How to Add an Addon Domain to cPanel

An addon domain is an extra domain that you add in your cPanel to host a totally different website. That is instead of having a seperate cPanel for every website you have, you can work from the same cPanel account where each of the extra domain hosts different content and are seen as seperate websites. The number of addon domains you can have depends on your web hosting package.

1. Login to cPanel to accomplish this task.

2. Navigate to the “Domains” section and click on “Addon Domains” .

image showing how to add an addon domain in cPanel

3. Add new domain name on the “New Domain Name” field and the rest of the fields will populate automatically. However, you can change them if you wish to do so.

image showing how to add an addon domain in cPanel

4. Click on the button “Add Domain” and you shall have added an addon to your cPanel account.

Please note: The field “Document Root ” states where the files of that domain will be stored in the file system.

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