Hope this finds you well.


We, as the HostPinnacle Team, are grateful for having you as our customer and for the great support you have continuously accorded us. We would not be where we are today were it not for your support, and for that we say a big thank you.


Recently, the web hosting industry and generally the ecommerce business has had numerous changes that have significantly affected the way we do business. Notably, the following has happened within the last couple of months:


i.)The .KE registry has increased the prices of .KE domains. You are aware that almost all of our packages come with a free domain, so this has greatly been impacted.


ii) All our hosting packages come with a free intuitive control panel known as cPanel. Recently, the software company behind this control panel increased its prices and the new price is almost double of what we used to pay per a single control panel.


iii) We have had changes on our taxation for instance the introduction of Digital Service Tax which has a direct impact on our prices and indirectly on our operating cost where we have had to make purchases at a higher price than we previously did.


These changes have had a negative impact on our production cost and affected our vision of making it absolutely easy for every business to have an online presence regardless of the status of its cash flow. As you may be aware, affordable prices and quality services are a big thing here at HostPinnacle Kenya and our commitment towards this course remains firm regardless of the prevailing market dynamics.


In order for us to remain competitive and to offer quality services at the most affordable rate, we have had deliberations for several weeks putting different factors into consideration and thinking the best for our clientele. Our decision was to come up with a price review that favors the client and our production process in view of the big changes that we’ve had.


In the coming days we shall be changing our prices of various products on our website. The new prices will affect both new registrations and upcoming renewals.


Below are the new prices for some of our common products, full details will be available on the relevant pages of our website, as the changes come to effect.




New Prices(Registration & Renewal)

Effective Date

Hosting Only Package(same as starter package less free domain)

KSh 1,399/year


Starter Hosting Package

KSh 1,999/year


Standard Hosting Package

KSh 3,999/year


Executive Package

KSh 999/month (KSh 10,999 with annual plan)





Budget Reseller Package

KSh 1,999/month


Super Save Package 15

KSh 6,499/yr


Starter Reseller Package

KSh 2,999/month


Standard Reseller Package

KSh 4,499/month


VIP Reseller Package

KSh 5,999/month




KSh 999/yr



KSh 999/yr






We would also like to mention that we do allow generous grace periods in case you are unable to settle invoices on their due dates. Should you have such a challenge, you can open a support ticket here: and we shall discuss on a suitable extension period to allow the service to continue operating till you make the payments.


Kind regards,

HostPinnacle Team.


Saturday, March 27, 2021

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