Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS Sender ID(Safaricom)

This product registers sender ID with Safaricom Ntwork

Bulk SMS Sender ID(Airtel)

This product registers a sender ID with the Airtel Network

Bulk SMS Sender ID(Telkom)

This product registers a sender ID with the Telkom Network

Bulk SMS Credits

Top up your SMS account automatically by purchasing this product. The money that you set here will automatically be added to your account the way it is. However, the cost of each SMS will be determined by the cumulative number of SMS's you have sent with us.

0 - 500,000 SMS - KSh 0.50/SMS

500,001+ SMS - KSh 0.40/SMS

If you want to top up your account with more than KSh 50,000, kindly note that you will be required to make multiple orders of this product or you can contact us to give you an invoice for the specific amount.

Bulk SMS Platform Account Registration.

This product will automatically create an account for you at our world-class SMS platform where you can start sending SMS's within seconds after registration. Account registration is free of charge, the set up is instant and you only get charged for the SMS you send.

  • Some features of our platform are