Choosing Web Hosting Provider in Kenya: What to Look For in Reviews

Finding a reliable web hosting provider often means ensuring a successful start for your online business. Fortunately there are many review sites that can offer you incredible amount of information about hosting providers: prices, plan features and of course customers reviews. But how can one determine if a review site is genuine and contains unbiased reviews? First sign if reviews are genuine is either or not there are negative reviews in the mix, if that is the case the review site is most likely unbiased and genuine.

Once you find good reviews on web hosting providers there are a few areas that you should pay attention to.

  1. Reliability – pay close attention of what being said about providers reliability. What is promised “up-time”; of their server, and whether or not they live up to that promise. Some times things can happen and if you had to restore your website data how easy it can be done. Or better yet, are there any measures taken by a web hosting provider to prevent the loss of data?
  2. Account Managing – the reviews should provide you enough information about managing your account once you have settled with a provider. What kind of access do they offer? Is it a c-Panel? Can you access your files via FTP server. How easy is it to upload your site or make changes to it. What do they offer in terms of e-mail managing?
  3. Customer Support – look for what people are saying about providers customer support. What is the best way of contacting the support department? How quick do they respond to the inquiries and how are the customers satisfied with the support in general.
  4. Price – look what people are saying about the value delivered. Is the web hosting provider overpriced? Are there any hidden fees that came about along the way?

These are just a few among many factors that may help you to determine whether or not the web hosting provider is right for you. Use them as a starting point to make a well informed choice.

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