What if we gave you KSh 5,000 for every client you referred to us?

This is not one of those rhetorical questions but a reality here at HostPinnacle. If you refer clients to us, you can earn as high as KSh 5,000 per client.

HostPinnacle has one of the most generous affiliate program. We give you an extremely generous commission for every client you bring. When you sign up as an affiliate below, you will get a unique link that you will share with people. When they visit our site using that link, a cookie is stored in their browser and when they make an order and payment is confirmed, immediately the commission is credited to your affiliate account. Click here to sign up.

Whether your client orders a lower package(Silver Package) or a more advanced package(Platinum Package) the potential to earn a large commission never dwindles. Below is a table highlighting how much you will make per order:

1000 – 5,000 Commission Per Client

KSh 10,000 Possible Monthly Income

30 Days Payments Waiting Period